A Special Swiss Trip

Swiss is a dream place for both me and my wife. It was rather unfortunate that we couldn’t make the trip a success during our last visit to this land. But things turned out to be even more lovely and lively when we visited the place again with our baby boy!

Day two was simply unplanned but turned out to be just great. After putting in a bit of thought, we decided that Grimmelwald would be our planned destination but we simply couldn’t resist one of Europe’s highest mountains or what is one of the world’s largest glaciers. Jungfrau was a real big attraction to miss (this despite the costs involved). We were a bit apprehensive for our kid, but realized we have been to two such peaks quite recently.

The journey to Jungfrau from Interlaken really takes a chunk of your time; so much so that this trip requires a full day’s investment! But it was still worth it. This was the first place that my wife got to enjoy snow and it was special for her too. Our kid didn’t seem too bothered about the weather and was posing gladly for the pics!

The train journey to the mountain was really beautiful; especially the latter half of the travel had a lot of memorable view points. There are actually two or three stops in this journey where the train stops to show some great views of the land below and the mountains above. But you’ve got to be real lucky to avoid the fog; if you do so it’s a real treat!

There’s actually quite a lot to see in the snow clad mountain of Jungfrau. Popularly advertised as the “Top of Europe” this is also a location for many famous film shootings. Initially the only thing that was visible was the ice and fog that gave us a mere glimpse of the mighty mountains. But after a while the fog cleared to give an unbelievable spectacle of one of the biggest glaciers in Europe; a place that has barely seen humans on it! I must admit that the natural grandeur is simply unmatched to anything that can be showed on films (or my pictures)! After a few quick snaps of this stunning view we did a little bit of souvenir shopping. There was also an Indian hotel at the top, but the quantity of food wasn’t really worth the money.

As I said before there’s actually a lot to see even at the height of 4000 metres! There is a separate section dedicated to winter/ adventure sports; but then again if the weather’s no good then there’s no point to go to any of these. There are also dog sledges and some more activities which you can only do in a place that has snow during every single day of the year! To top it all there’s an ice palace not very large but still very neatly done.

We then went out in the snow to take some superb pictures of the pure white snow. We had time, of course, to let the chill winds of the high Alps tear through our skin! Something, we might not get to feel in our lifetime again!

We came back from the high mountains quite satisfied with what we had seen and done. Our return journey was through Lauterbrunnen and this was even more scenic than the earlier one. Pure white snow at the top changing to the rusty brown of the rocks finally giving way to green grasslands; the show was changing real fast a Swiss special I would say! There were a lot of folks trekking all the way up the mountain, cows grazing in the Alps, many beautiful houses sitting pretty on hills, some surprising cascades and many a wonderful sights of the mountains up above this is the way I would like to remember the beauty of Swiss.

We reached Interlaken after another long journey. Unfortunately it was very late to visit the Schynige Platte or the two lakes (from which Interlaken gets its name). I would have particularly loved to cover the former on day two, for I was told that the route was very scenic. Unfortunately we were completely out of steam (and time) after our day long excursion!

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