A Special Swiss Trip

Swiss is a dream place for both me and my wife. It was rather unfortunate that we couldn’t make the trip a success during our last visit to this land. But things turned out to be even more lovely and lively when we visited the place again with our baby boy!

Day three was special. I had never dreamed of spending my birthday at the land of my dreams and that too with such good company! The day started slowly for we were too tired over the journeys of the past two days and the sleepless nights that our toddler had given us! Our plan was to actually start early so that we can see one of the lakes of Interlaken and if time permits the Schynige Platte and then to visit Luzern on our way back to Zurich.

I guess plans are best in paper especially with a little one to take care of (and enjoy your time with)! Spending time with him is priceless and so every other plan takes a lower precedence and all our arrangements were automatically rearranged according to his schedule! We checked out of our room and went to see Lake Brienz and by this time it was already mid-day!

Then again our schedule was further laid back thanks to the connections (or rather the lack of it) from our place. We did a little bit of shopping that was initially intended for the birthday boy but later turned out to be more for his little kid! After the hour spent at many a shopping window we decided to rechart our plans again.

Lake Brienz was another stunning location that Swiss threw at us! Not only did I long to stay at its bank forever, I also wished to carry a part of it with me if I could! The calmness could partly be attributed to the lesser crowd of the week day but I am sure that even with a hundred people around, the lake was a pretty peaceful spot. My day was already complete with just this one spot!

We started back lazily (and reluctantly) from the lake. We did not intend to miss out flight anyways! It was late afternoon already by the time we were on our way back to Zurich. We were in a dilemma whether to get down at Bern (Luzern was already out of scope) or continue directly to Zurich. Two hours later we found ourselves facing the busy streets of Zurich.

I wouldn’t say I loved this place very much. I somehow found the directions (and people) less willing to help and even lesser accommodating to English as a language! It took us quite a while to figure our way to the nearest shopping malls. This was our only plan at Zurich shop till we drop and that’s quite literally what we did!

The streets of Zurich are really busy and there’s not much of admiration that we could draw from the scene. So we decided to become a part of it! We got ourselves some famous Swiss chocolates and hit upon a restaurant that served decent Cheese Fondue – a Swiss special dish. I found it okay but my wife seemed to detest it! I guess some people need special encouragement to consume an entire melting pot of Cheese but not me! 🙂

After enjoying a decent dessert we started our way back to the airport. Back in the plane we recollected our short lived stay at (both) our favorite location. Describing Swiss as a place to visit, I guess it was second time lucky for us! As far as I am personally concerned, it’s time for me to smile at last!

To top it all here are some pics from our wonderful trip

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