The Great King

Even the greatest person will have his/ her moments of defeat!

There was once this king,
Who ruled the whole world;
Every stone pebble was his,
And so were all the grains of sand.

Not satisfied with what he got,
He decided to pray to the lord;
To make him ruler of other worlds,
To make him master of the lands beyond.

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Realm of Heart

A poem written in the spur of a moment!

Of the hundreds of women that I see every day,
Hardly a few take my breath away…

There are those who look good and
There are those who make others around them look good ;);
There are those who look fantastic in red,
Some look fabulous in yellow,
Girls who are lovely in lavender…
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Melody Unchained

Mysticism or mere mumble jumble – as you like it 😉

Her voice was such a melody,
Tranquil and sweet;
A voice which never belonged
To heaven or to earth.

Her whisper became a song
Her laughter a pleasant dream
Her speech was so soft
Her demeanor so warm.

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