Hello 2012!

A retrospective look at an year gone by in a jiffy! And thoughts for the year to come.

It’s that wonderful feeling all over again. Time to start everything afresh. It’s new year time, of course. 2011 has been a year of downs and ups. Kind of bumpy, and I am sure looking forward to 2012.

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Code Is Poetry

Code is Poetry!

During the past one and a half years of my affiliation with the power of wordpress, I’ve many a times given a thought as to what makes it tick? How can someone “really” earn by such community service? What really makes these guys sit and write poetry that many of us usurp with undue negligence? At first I thought it was just the fame and maybe even money. As my association with the world of blogging (and bloggers) grew I realize fame and a few dollars are just the last thing on a developer’s mind!

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The Right Proportions

A life that grows and shrinks back with no care about how much and how little – I think in the end what we all seek is just the same…

When I was a toddler,
I was bothered by no troubles.
Then with age came a sense of fear,
All I wanted was the shelter of my parents.

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Escape From Reality

Stop, think and proceed no matter how wrong you are going! The pause would, perhaps, suggest faultless excuses and produce perfect pretenses to the deceptive mind, and maybe hide the true intentions behind this journey!

In all effectiveness fear fuels hatred, lust beckons anguish, greed sows the seed of misery and jealousy douses the flame of love. If only we know what we do to ourselves through words said and unsaid, through actions done and withheld, then, perhaps there is more chance to free ourselves from unwonted ends, escape from unexpected twists of fate and maybe even find a better salvation to our otherwise miserable souls!

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My First Day In Germany

A quick look on lifestyle of people in Erlangen

Never in my life had I dreamt of the possibility of traveling in an Autobahn. Ever since I played NFS Porsche this has been a dream road for me to travel in! What is so lovable about this road – no speed limits! Of course certain sections of it do have limits, but it is still too good to drive around; especially if your local cabbie has a Mercedes Benz! That’s another thing to notice in Autobahn, every 3rd person is driving an Audi or custom made sports-bike!

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A quickie to illustrate what faith could mean to the less fortunate…

The town’s biggest (haughtiest) business man decided to pay a visit to the houses of the less fortunate.

On one such occasion, he visited the shed of old Jose who was the local coffin maker. For no good reason he decided to ridicule the old man’s job and joked out loud to those near him.

“Ah, here’s a profession that always needs an out-of-the-box thinking! You must be thanking god for putting you in this one Jose!”

A few around, realizing the jab and laughed out loud while others did the same mostly to impress the big man.

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Incongruous Thoughts

My two pence about life, death and choices in life

The question is ‘What happens after death‘? Do we go anywhere beyond? Do we still have some sort of physical restrictions or do we keep roaming the vastness of space unawares to the living and we ourselves unmindful of all thoughts? Do we still manage to touch and feel? One thing is for sure; our lease with the physical form that we carry will end. And with it shall end a life time of cravings and desires; burdens and borrowings; sufferings and sorrow; happiness and love??

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Home Alone

A post written to appease all those whose best feelings are shared with their loneliness; perhaps in search of their better half!

When was the last time
You loved somebody?

When was the last time
Your thoughts defied morals?

When was the last time
You could feel that lonely abode?

These are not the ones that age
With each passing year.

These are nothing but moments
That shall live with you!

For the Quaint eye can be controlled,
But the fickle heart is seldom chained…”

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