Evolution with Changing Times

My previous post was almost a pessimistic view point of today’s world. Looking back I realized a much more positive outlook was in order. This is also my entry to the first round of an organizational level essay contest (with a word limit of 1000 words). This made the cut from around 700 entries to the last 8.

In no time, battle lines were being drawn. Every battle needs a knight and by the pace at which the tech industry was growing, it was no wonder we got one sooner than later! When Apple stunned the world with what could be done with that 4 inch brick we were slowly getting acquainted with, the world now had a new leader to look up to. With the concept of a virtual market accessible in the palm of our hands, the boundaries of the mobile industries were once again thrown open.

It was touché to touch interface. The other form factors were being ditched. Wi-Fi would replace Physiological requirements at the bottom of the pyramid of needs. Competitors arose. Wars were now truly fought with gusto. It was nightmare for those on the field, an opportunity for the smart developer and a time of rejuvenation for the rest of us. To the outgoing person it was the new social lounge bar and to the introverts it gave the sanctity of a second home.

While human intelligence will forever be debatable, the phone was definitely getting smarter. And it wasn’t just the phone which was evolving. With this unparalleled growth of the electronic industry a whole new ecosystem began to flourish. Society craved for more augmented reality; virtual was the new real! The voice of billions can never be ignored.

With the outburst of social media outlets and our ever growing exposure to them, everything was possible to the person who could play sly using the newly gifted power of mobility. Lost friends could be found, ideas of companies could be nurtured more freely than ever and governments could be felled with a message that was shy of 140 characters!

But even at these changing times we cannot ignore the fact that the modern day smartphone can be described as nothing more than the best mash-up humans invented! Advancement that is restricted to just one product cannot necessarily be counted as real growth. It can, perhaps, be best described as an erratic plot in an otherwise linear graph of evolutionary advancement.

The real change will come when we can take all these concepts and put them to a better use. Because of the fact that every single innovation taking place in the world today is expected to result in comfort and ease of use for the end user, little thought is going into how better we can utilize today’s resources for building tomorrow’s miracles.

Building these tools has given us a great platform to realize our visions. We did not forsake the stability of products, which have stood the test of time, for nothing! Dreaming without an end goal is just a reverie; a fixation that can only stagnate the flow of thoughts. With the tools available to the previous generation(s) I think we can safely say they have built wonders. The innovations over the past few decades have let us evolve gracefully with changing times. Given the stimulus of today, we need to display just that little-bit-more creativity to build a more beautiful tomorrow.

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