Happy Shopping

Here’s my take on the “big billion day” fiasco. My opinion is rather mixed and this could be a rather lengthy read.

During the very first sale of the day, my fears seemed squashed. Tablets and memory sticks were being sold at never before seen prices. Phones were being sold at a dime. A feeling got into the crowd that this is the day of shopping they had been waiting for so long! Artificial necessities started getting created. That I guess, was the point of no return for both the parties involved!

It soon became apparent that such steal deals were getting sold out in minutes. Either I was getting slow in wrapping my purchase or the quantity of items on sale were too few. When I did manage to grab hold of one such product, I could never even get to the order confirmation screen.

There was a sense of dejection, but I told myself that it wasn’t so bad after all. There were billions of folks in queue and it was surprising that the site had not gone crashing completely.

But the routine was repeating for most of the sought out products on sale (that changeed every few minutes). And it happened for many other folks as well. Unfortunately online media is not the answer when it comes to capturing feel good factors or when people want to put across few good words. At least it takes time for such things to spread unlike ill feelings and depressive news, that spread like wildfire!

The site did buckle a few times later that day and that was enough to trigger a hale storm of hatred. In the past, I have had the chance to notice some comments cropping up in social media when one or two folks had a bad experience while e-shopping. The language used by these customers was cringe worthy. But now instead of two upset customers, there were two million! Need I say more?

The e-commerce site went on the defensive and they tried disabling ratings. This ended up hiding ratings from everyone including genuine feedback from one customer to another, over pros and cons of a product. People started taking this personally. The “cheat” tag was now associated with the site.

Indians have this tendency to over do our drama act. There is this ridiculous sense of possesiveness over things that never even belong to us in the first place. That previous statement is probably applicable for humanity in general!

Nonetheless, there was enough evidence to convict the accused without trial – the artificial price hike, the frequent sold-out signs, the fact that everyone didn’t get what they wanted… In short everything that you associate with a sale of this scale.

Was it worthy to be called THE sale for the billions? Did the billions even need such a sale (fake or not)? Were we really in need of the items we couldn’t buy? Or do we crib just because another person has managed to grab something before we did? Could the retailer have done this a little different and spread this kind of sale over a week (something other competitors are already thinking about)? Would the reaction of the masses be any different then?

Perhaps we can ponder and debate over the next few days on these questions. I am looking forward to some funny memes as well!

Or maybe we should wait a while for our trusted and reliable vendors to put up their version of festival sales. Maybe it might be a good idea to pay a visit to our friendly neighborhood shops.

If we’re lucky we might get to meet a few interesting characters and maybe even get to do real tough talk. Tongues haggling and shouting abuses can sometimes make a better picture than fingers tapping and typing nonsense. Happy shopping everyone!

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