New Year 2015 at Bangalore

We spent our New Year’s Day at Bangalore this time. I am just penning a few thoughts on the year gone by and also jotting down a quick travelogue. There was not too much of travel as compared to our previous trip. Perhaps because we intended this to be a nice little break than a vacation of some sort.

After an afternoon siesta we went on visit the Forum mall to catch up with a college friend of my wife. Our day ended with a fulfilling dinner at Gandhi Bazaar. Throughout the day I couldn’t help notice the uniformity in the spread of shops, temples, malls and parks throughout central Bangalore. I guess there is a bit for everyone here in this part of the city.

We had plans on visiting either the palace area or museum on the last day. However considering the fact that we had very small kids with us, we did something more to their liking. Having never seen an IMAX movie, we planned for the same, the first thing the next day morning. Our first ride in the BMTC was very exciting for the kids. The movie was okay for us, but the kids loved being in the familiar big theater atmosphere.

We did some shopping for the kids in the Forum mall and it did not take much long for our wallets to go empty! Anything to keep the children happy, I guess! It was getting very hot by afternoon. So we headed back home to catch a nap.

We had plans to go to a musical concert in the evening, but wanted to do some last minute shopping as well. We thought we could manage both when we went to Cauvery emporium, but we grossly underestimated Friday evening traffic of Bangalore. We ended up skipping the concert in the end.

Taking a ride in “Namma” Metro proved to be a good choice for we were able to quickly get to the restaurant in Indira Nagar to catch up with few of my college friends. After chit-chatting for an hour or so we headed back home. Our early morning Shatabdi ride completed a simple but memorable trip to Bangalore.

As always here are some pics of the Bangalore that we saw:

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