Oktoberfest 2008

I think the name spells Beerto millions of people around the world, but to a traditional Bavarian it is more of a way of having good fun (of course coupled with beer)!

After the main event for the day, we decided to do a bit of hop-in/ hop-off in the U-Bahn around city center. It wasn’t a big deal considering how well connected Munich underground network is! I managed to see the same old beautiful city center with my wife. We headed for the final destination that I had postponed for so long – the Olympia Zentrum.

It wasn’t that crowded; the fest and a local football match took good care of a sizable number of the population! The zentrum was beautiful, quiet and the tower looked really inviting. The walk to the tower was preceded by a quick visit to the BMW Museum where I managed to get my first close up glimpse of a REAL F1 car O-) along with other sleek automobiles!

The walk to the tower wasn’t so short as I had expected, but hey who’s complaining?! With views like the one below and a pleasant climate it was a really cool affair! The ride up the lift of the 180m tower was shorter than the walk I took! The view from top was BREATHTAKING!

Be it the old stadium or BMW offices or O2 headquarters or lawns surrounding a small pond or THE Arena or local tennis courts, every thing was absolutely beautiful from the top of the Olympia tower. I guess it simply lived up to its hype!

I managed to walk into a small beergarten just before walking out of the Olympia Zentrum. It was even more fascinating to simply sit back in a small bench and relax for a while! As I walked out of the place I was glad to have fulfilled my desire to visit some places that were long awaited. Munich is simply LIVING IN MOTION!

Here are pics from this trip:

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