Paris Trip

This blog is about my four days trip to Paris.

After spending just a few hours in the museum, I went on to see the symbol of triumph in Paris. The Arc De Triomphe is huge for a commemorative arch. In short it encompasses the prosperity and supremacy of the French during the times of Napoleon. I must say that the view from the top of the arch is amazing and is definitely worth the few hundred steps to the top!

My next stop was all the way up to la défense – where one gets to visit the grand arche along with its neighboring modern day architectures/ sky scrapers. I would say this visit was not altogether fruitful! The view from the top of the arch is good it is not grand. Perhaps the best view is right from the bottom of this giant arch! This area is intended to be a remote location for the local Parisians to enjoy a weekend cinema or a day out and is not that good for the regular traveller. On my way back to the arc de triomphe I made sure to get down a stop before and take a walk down the champs-élysées during the late evening time. This was a nice way to relax and catch a glimpse of the local lifestyle. Then I made a visit to the famous Eiffel Tower.

Many may wonder how or why would an architecture that was mocked by millions of Parisians when it was completed come to be called as an icon of the same city and even more so it’s claim to be a man made marvel! One would need to simply stand below the tower and wonder again! Like a star stealing the limelight of a show, Gustav’s three hundred foot magic takes away the sheen from anything that comes under it’s shadow! A view from across Trocadéro or from the banks of the Seine rightly confirms its place as one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

Like the hero that he is, the tower brings infinite joy to anyone looking at it. Even during the very first glance, there is the feel of having seen something special. Unlike the movies where every single hotel window of Paris opens to the view of the tower, it is not a structure that’s visible all across the city, but the presence is certainly felt – hugely! There is a long queue to visit the two platforms of the tower; each longer than the other. But it is still worthwhile to visit the top of the tower. As the lights of Paris shimmer in the distance, you feel awed by the view that is offered. The panoramic view of Paris by night is best from the tower than anywhere else. If the sight of the tower was stunning by daylight, it is simply magnificent by the night. As thousands of lights glitter and shine around the tower, on the stroke of every hour after it darkens, you cannot help but feel awed. When the famous lighting of the tower, that takes it from a rusty brown to a golden yellow, and its two spot lights hover so gently over the city, the wonder that Eiffel is breaks away from a mere monument to an art of infinite beauty. The lighting also sets the right mood even to the dull and tired mind. There is most certainly an air of romance and glamor that gets added to the tower during the night. It was a perfect finish to an eventful day – watching the tower enchanting its faithful admirers.

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