Paris Trip

This blog is about my four days trip to Paris.

Day two turned out to be the most exhausting proposition during the whole trip. Disneyland could have been more fun had I some company! It was utterly tiring to wait in never ending queues to get into rides that I wasn’t even sure about! In fact the queues began even before I saw the first ride. The ticketing counter I stood in moved at a snail’s pace and to make it worse, the computer at the counter went bonkers when there were just two people ahead of me!

There are two parts of Disneyland in Marne la Vallee – Disneyland Park and Disneyland Studios. The first few sections of the Disney Park, Paris are filled with shops and stores of all kinds. I guess they figured out all the good ways to make revenue! You could spot Mickey and Donald everywhere. The place is divided into three sections; I decided to begin with the most thrilling rides. Big mistake! Though, I wonder if it would have made any difference if I had done things in the reverse way. :p

The crowd never seemed to reduce, even till late evening! I should have planed the rides that I wanted to take in a much better way and well in advance! If you think of going into rides based on the big names, think again! For example there is a lot of noise about Pirates of the Caribbean, esp. with the attractive Pirates Cove etc. surrounding the ride that invites so much attention and there are also rides like Phantom Manor (Haunted Mansion). Neither of these were really amazing or appealing. I guess the graphics/ visuals used were very good, but you would expect more out of Disney. One ride I did enjoy was the Big Thunder Mountain. However I am sure there are much better ones out there.

There was no time, energy or patience as evening had neared! The sights and sound of Disney’s version of Wild West were also very nice. I esp. hated the part that there wasn’t even a single ride without a long queue. I guess that shows how popular this theme park is, but hey the idea was to relax and enjoy the rides. But unfortunately for me, neither happened! You can use fast passes for the more popular rides (as if that made any difference on the queue), but once you’ve used your pass for one ride, you’ve to simply wait till it expires before you can get another one! This concept isn’t too good either! Whatever said (and grumbled) you can’t help but appreciate the innovativeness used in some of the rides.

But I feel the most entertaining part of Disneyland is not the rides but its shows. I enjoyed watching the parade (and I am sure so did the hundreds of kids around :). As all of Disney’s wonderful creations come alive, the toddlers run riot as they watch their favourite characters dancing and singing for them. This was definitely a wonderful touch to the whole concept of a children’s theme park. Perhaps this is also a way to bring down the crowd in many of the overcrowded rides!

I ended the day with a visit to the wonderful church of Sacré-Cœur. Though not architecturally a masterpiece, it is still a must visit place, especially for the beautiful panorama of Paris.

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