Paris Trip

This blog is about my four days trip to Paris.

By the time day three arrived, my legs were so sore that they could barely hold my weight! But yet, here I was, nearing the one destination which offered more exercise to my tired physique than any other – Versailles; a place whose château is popular and whose garden is world reknowned.

The château of Versailles was not as huge as I had imagined, but still had that royalé air around it, that is so very inseparable from castles and palaces even after so many centuries. The rooms and décor reminded me of the Würzburg palace. But the Hall of Mirrors was something very unique and different from what I’ve seen before in any other palace.

It was not the castle, however, that is the highlight of this place. Once you come out of the castle and back into open space your eyes might take some time to adjust to the greenery that seems to simply expand in all directions. The garden of Versailles is indeed a magnum opus – one of those rare places where art and nature thrive together in harmony! The famous fountains also added to the beauty of this great place. I would never forget the amount of happiness I got by simply lying on the green grass near the small lake.

It was also nice to cycle after such a long time. I think it would have been close to ten years, but yeah it was my first time atop a geared bicycle. But my legs needed some rest and I didn’t have too much time to spend. I cycled all the way from the fountain of Apollo to Grand Trianon, to the Petit Trianon and back.

I was stunned by the interiors of Grand Trianon. The design, art work and choice of colors all seemed out of the world! In many ways this place seemed far superior in richness as compared to the original palace. Not so much can be said about the Petit Trianon, but the Queen’s Hamlet in Marie Antoinette’s estate was something really special.

This place is not too far from the Trianon (but neither did it seem too close for my drained body :D). The way and care in which the village has been designed makes you feel it was done for someone or something special; the huts and wood houses bring a kind of happiness that no grand palace can! I came back to the lake and rested in the grass once more before moving on.

I was back in Paris by late evening and ended the day with a memorable boat trip along the river Seine. This was a ride really worth the money as I not only got some excellent night shots of some famous Paris monuments but also got to know about the history of these places (and many more) which I might not have time to cover during such a short trip. One can sit back and enjoy the show that Paris puts up along either bank of the river!

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