Paris Trip

This blog is about my four days trip to Paris.

I knew that neither my mind nor my body was prepared for another busy day. I kept traveling to a minimum on purpose. But it was on this day that I really got a feel of having visited places of significant historical importance.

The first place I visited was the cathedral of Notre Dame. It wouldn’t be far fetched to say that the church with its Gothic architecture and famous Gargoyles held me captive for a few hours. The interior was equally beautiful as its outside. There was a small line to go up the spires, but then again the view from the top of those five hundred steps was really worth the effort and wait!

As I came down and sat near one of those lonely (yet lovely) benches near the banks of Seine, to admire the beauty of Notre Dame’s architecture, I was vaguely reminded of the novel about the Hunchback and his tragic tale. I guess some myth are inseparable from the real! I spent some quiet time by the river before moving to my final tour point – Les Invalides.

To be honest, this should have been the start point of my Paris visit; it would have been of great help in order to understand and appreciate the history of not just Paris, but the whole of France. The final resting place of Napoleon is also home to one of the finest Armory museum – Musée de l’armée. The Charles De Gaulle museum in this place is also worth a visit, especially for its interactive audio-visual display and the twenty minute movie about France’s most illustrious first man. The place however is more famous for the sarcophagus of Napoleon Bonaparte under a dome very similar to that of St. Peter’s basilica in Vatican.

I left Paris just a few hours after my visit to the Invalides. The city definitely left a mark in me. I’d always fondly remember this as one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. Who knows perhaps I may come to visit its beauty again. Perhaps…

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