Review: Iron Man 3 (2013)

When you see that a villain has managed to cause anxiety issues to the ever cool Iron Man, you can be certain that there is a lot more at play than that meets the eye.

**Spoilers Ahead**

How can a guy look like a spoilt, cash rich, bashful and egoistic person on one take and one of the most fantastic superhero ever in the next? If you need answer to this question, we need to talk to Robert Downey Jr. He carries the Iron Man series on his shoulders and does such a good job with it. Some other equally charismatic and fitting-character-to-the-dot on-screen characters I can immediately relate to are Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow and Keanu Reeves as Neo. But even this cool a guys can have breakdowns, especially with villain like the Mandarin running around.

There is a flashback shown in the beginning as to how and in what context Stark meets two characters named Maya and Killian. We’re shown a glimpse of a technology which when synthesized and metabolized properly can rejuvenate human tissues, but when it goes wrong, it simply blows up. However Stark doesn’t support this unstable technology. The past now comes to haunt Stark as the Mandarin directly targets Stark, Stark’s home, Pepper Potts, Stark’s longtime bodyguard friend et all.

Back to the present, Stark is faced with an unknown villain who goes by the name The Mandarin. His attacks mostly involve blowing up places, while seemingly leaving no trace about the source or the type of the bomb.

Eventually with his tech and data Stark discovers there is a connect and sets a plan to meetup someone in Tennessee. But in the meanwhile is taken down by the Mandarin’s men. He barely manages to escape and finds himself stuck in remote Tennessee. It is here that he meets up with a kid, who helps him re-discover his strength. Frankly speaking, we get to see much more of this kid than necessary!

There is a scene where the very town where Stark is taking refuge is bought down by Mandarin’s forces. It is here that Stark learns about the entire concept of the human bombs who rejuvenate back to their full body.

In the meanwhile his friend Rhodes (aka the War Machine aka the Iron Patriot) hunts down fugitives at a possible remote Pakistani location. But soon ends up being taken captive himself thanks to the scientific tech behind Mandarin’s men.

Stark eventually does get to the alleged location of Mandarin and manages to take an unsuspecting stage actor. Ben Kingsley then has a story to say about how he was hired to act like a terrorist for drugs, money and mansions. The scene works out very funny, if not for the lingering thought that here is a funny guy who actually shot and killed someone on live television.

A revitalized Stark manages to regroup with Rhodes. Meanwhile, the Iron Patriot suit is then used as a Trojan horse to capture the President of United States and has already helped gain access to the Air Force One. The guy in the suit shoots down the President’s body guards one by one. Stark is shown to remotely control his own suit to try and save the President. He fails, but manages to save the staff of Air Force One instead. This scene is nicely choreographed and ends in a funny manner when Stark’s armor is destroyed by an oncoming truck!

[Total: 1    Average: 10/5]

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  1. Very good points on the movie. It was definately different from phase 1 in its tone and story. While the movies in phase 1 generally fell into fun summer action movies with a solid plot, this one was definitly more serious. The only question i had during the movie is what is SHEILD doing right now? It seems that there should have been some sort of interaction, even if it is tony telling them off, or something because it became clear the threat was big enough for SHEILD to do something.

    1. @Byron – that’s an interesting take. I never realized about it. Definitely Mandarin’s threat was worth being investigated by SHIELD. Probably skipped as the main agent of SHIELD is presumably dead when this story unfolds and they didn’t find a suitable replacement/ couldn’t create a worthy character on time!

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