Review: Jigarthanda

My review of the movie Jigarthanda directed by Karthik Subbaraj

**Spoiler Alert**

Karthik (Siddharth) is an aspiring film maker and is trying to enter the Kollywood scene via the short film route. It couldn’t have been more dramatic when there is a clash between two of the judges on the show with one of them openly deriding his script and movie making skills whilst the other decides to defend him, more to get back at the other judge, rather than to actually appreciate him. This was probably a tell-tale sign of how the world of cinema produces stars or perhaps just the initial thrust needed to kick start the sequence of events.

Whatever be the reason, the outcome is clear. Karthik will be directing his first movie and the producer wants nothing other than a gangster film. Karthik gets to know about a gangster in Madurai. The intro for ‘Assault’ Sethu (Simhaa) justifies the choice that Karthik has made. When he slaughters a reporter, who dared to cross his path, by dousing him in fire we get the picture that this guy is nothing short of devil incarnate.

There is this biased character building that happens from here on; the audience might not feel it directly during the course of the film but it is evident when I look back at it now. Though Karthik is portrayed as one of the key characters, there is no shred of heroism or ‘attitude’ scenes or even altruism for that matter that we often associate with heroes or good guys. The female lead is more of a blink and you miss roles. Only the villain gets the right meat fed into his role. And I would not be lying when I say that Simhaa has taken full advantage of this.

Karthik is smart enough to know that he cannot directly contact Sethu; unless he intends to make his first movie in his afterlife. So he tries to get to know about Sethu via three men who have known Sethu for long – a rowdy who is a goon by day and a drunkard by night, a thug with a weakness for adult films and an old shop keeper (who actually is never shown next to Sethu during the course of the movie).

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