Review: Jigarthanda

My review of the movie Jigarthanda directed by Karthik Subbaraj

We get more than enough glimpse about the activities of these guys, their day-to-day ‘work life’ which involves doing ‘Panchayat’ for any problems that involves money or land, terrorizing their adversaries who again are shown to be equally tough on words but meek when it comes to action (advantage Simhaa again)!

The elderly in the audience seemed kind of okay with respect to the sequences involving the drunkard, but squirmed during most of the scenes involving the porn addict. If any consolation, Karunakaran mentions about a certain third gangster who frequents prostitutes and Karthik doesn’t seem interested to pursue him to get to Sethu. The last of the characters (the old shop keeper) has been mostly used keeping in mind the sentiment/ advisor angle that has kind of become norm in Tamil cinema.

To cut a long story short Karthik fails miserably in trying to reach out to Sethu via any of these guys. In fact, he and his friend Oorni (Karunakaran) end up in the wrong side of these guys when they mess up their daily routine/ domestic life.

Fortunately he gets a couple of lifeline. The first, when a certain Kayalvizhi seems to fall for his charm; and luckily (not so surprisingly) is already somehow connected to Sethu via her mom (Ambika) who is the gangster’s cook. Her job is that of a shop lifter; Sarees – if you care for specifics. He tries to get close to her only to reach out to Sethu (remember my earlier rant about lack of altruism). It is not very successful; Sethu continues to live in a different universe that does not want to intersect Karthik’s.

A frustrated Karthik is all ready to give up, when his second (and more promising lifeline) crops up. Just after getting warnings from his friends about potential attempts on his life, someone actually makes a daring attempt to shoot Sethu down. It doesn’t end too kindly for the assassin who is killed in the middle of Sethu’s house. Just as Sethu thinks he has the upper hand, he is given further warnings by the police about ‘encounter plans’ being laid out for him. When Karthik and Oorni have had one too many mess ups in the lives of Sethu’s goons, a wannabe gangster (Sundar) is asked to keep tab on them.

[Total: 1    Average: 9/5]

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