Review: Jigarthanda

My review of the movie Jigarthanda directed by Karthik Subbaraj

Of course, this guy has a weakness too. He thinks of himself as a film hero material and gets close to Karthik when he gets to see the filmmaker (that was missing for most of the first half)! But there is a double twist with this semi-symbiotic friendship. Karthik dares to tap Sethu via Sundar just when a trap is set up for identifying the mole in the villain’s den. That mole is none other than Sundar. Sundar is killed along with his master, much to the surprise of Karthik and Oorni who overhear the killing via a microphone setup in a camera!

The smart guys in Sethu’s gang (suddenly there are one too many), make him not only realize about the microphone in the camera but also that he is, at this very moment, being snooped upon. It beats me, how they decided to open the battery cover to uncover the microphone rather than looking at the pics (as would have been more natural); perhaps the cover popped open on impact – I forget!

Quite dramatically, Sethu’s gang figures out who is prying on them. After a few beatings, Karthik confesses about his obsession to make a feature film out of Sethu’s life. He is taken aback when he is immediately given full access to Sethu and gang.

Post this, the audience is treated to a fast paced, humorous and light hearted fifteen-twenty minutes. I could genuinely feel all the negative air about the characters lifting away. Karunakaran’s comical timing kicks in at full swing. Be it his suggestion, to the unwilling gangsters, to play Russian roulette on a victim – who hilariously ends up getting shot by the one single bullet or his day dreaming about his throat being slit by Sethu the audience is in splits. Karthik is elated to get all his ‘action’ shots at last.

The good times don’t laugh much though. Kayal gets to know about Karthik’s real intentions and confronts him. Contrary to the usual ‘I am sorry- resounding slap’ sequence, we are treated to a different set of events which once again end up twisting the tale. Just when Karthik is about to go back to Chennai with all his story material, we are treated to a ‘kuthu paatu’ sequence. Need I add that ‘some part’ of the audience was cringing at the steps/ music, which is good because I believe this was the intended outcome. When asked about who should play the lead role in the upcoming film, Kayal suggestes to Sethu that he should star in his own film, thus avenging the fact that she was ‘used’ by Karthik.

[Total: 1    Average: 9/5]

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