Review: Jigarthanda

My review of the movie Jigarthanda directed by Karthik Subbaraj

As much as Karthik wants out, Sethu gets more and more interested in this weird little idea. Finally, it is time for the chatterbox shopkeeper to step up and deliver the much needed advice to Karthik. The hero steps up that moment and decides to adapt to his conditions (at last)! He does have terms and conditions of his own, though; the gangsters must undergo ten day training under a professional acting coach.

It looks unnatural at first but the tough guys (so called) end up getting schooled, not just by the trainer but by almost all supporting crew on set. I can only second guess if there is any underlying meaning to these sequences of events. But what the director (Karthik) wishes to convey is clear – acting is not for everyone; you cannot simply beat your chest at every scene, deliver a few punch dialogues and call yourself a great actor; acting is an art and the artist must live his/ her role.

During the sequence of filming Karthik tries to get Kayal in trouble by making suggestive references to Sethu that she has fallen for him. An annoyed Kayal begs Karthik to help her out of predicament and marry her. Karthik grabs on to the thin layer of hero material that is left for him and tells her that he will try his best.

Anyhow the film is completed and we see how the world is made to perceive a new star! While Sethu is elated about how the film has worked out, Karthik has a surprise in store for him which is only revealed to the arch-villain when he sees the film in theatre for the first time.

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