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My review of the movie Jigarthanda directed by Karthik Subbaraj

How a guy like Sethu, who is always keen to maintain his tough guy image, is beaten so easily in such a crucial juncture of the movie is perplexing. Shouldn’t he have already done his homework to know what the final film will be like? Shouldn’t he be with the main film crew/ cast during the screening of the movie? How did he let them slip under his very nose?

I felt these were unnatural set of events and were purposefully hidden under all those light hearted events shown during the filming so that the twist looks unexpected. In any case, I did not want a character like Sethu to be projected as a hero – film or otherwise. So when the entire filming works out as a covert operation to make a spoof film of a gangster’s life, it felt good that the bad guys were getting what they deserved at last – a tight slap right across their face!

When the crew duck for cover for a few months after the film’s release, Sethu goes on to realize that this new found image of his, though not to his liking, is not so bad after all. The people seem to love it and he is shown to relish this new found affection. The climax sequence when Karthik man’s up to Sethu (though not on his own will), and Sethu talks gibberish, felt like we were out of Subbaraj’s narrative piece and into the world of commercial cinema that we are all accustomed to!

All is forgiven and everyone gets a happy ending. Sethu ends up marrying the widow of Sundar and Karthik weds Kayal. I guess film goers would have expected a climax with the lead pair singing into the sunset, but it was a welcome change to see the way Vijay Sethupathi was used in his guest role.

I will just conclude this long review/ spoiler/ narrative of mine by saying that the script was indeed fresh and new. The way the events were sequenced and the twists in the plot definitely deserve a pat in the back. I hope the director/ crew of this film do team up to give us different and fresh new film once again.

I also am optimistic that they will think of targeting a broader audience – I am not just talking about the problems elderly age group had or the other issues I pointed out before; even the kids got pretty bored post the jokes in the second half. Finally I also anticipate they will think of framing a plot that gives role to a much diverse age group (kids connect with kid actors) and more power to their female lead in the future.

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