Trip to Netherlands

A blog about my two day trip to Netherlands.

It is sad to note that the beautiful country of Holland has come to be popular for all wrong reasons. I would like to showcase the small cities of Amsterdam and Den Haag, and the village of Keukenhof as I saw it during my two day trip and hope, eventually, to set the right tone for this beautiful country.

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A Trip to the Medieval Ages

As I travelled back from Rothenburg a realization dawned on the atrocities that were carried out in the name of tradition and religion; something that was once so omnipresent in Europe; and to think that even the now modern Europe was under the grip of the dark ages centuries ago!

Rothenburg ob der Tauber or the old city of Rothenburg is perhaps one of the very few cities that comes bundled with its own city wall. It’s not just about the city wall or the museums that’s fascinating about this place, what strikes one the most as they enter one of the entrance towers of Rothenburg is how the whole town has been fabricated as one single historical unit.

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Trip to München

My trip to Munich and the famous castles near Füssen that got clubbed with a nostalgic trip down the memory lane!

The weekend began with a bang to say the least! I managed to get my first SLR! Getting a new gadget is always such a good kick 😉

Well afterward there was more excitement to follow!

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