Nürnberg Volksfest

I had an amazing 27th b’day here at Nürnberg in it’s famous volksfest!

I guess it would be fair to say the fun began earlier than expected! I encountered this train at the Nürnberg bahnhoff – something from a mini-folk tale I would rather say :o)

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Trip to München

My trip to Munich and the famous castles near Füssen that got clubbed with a nostalgic trip down the memory lane!

The weekend began with a bang to say the least! I managed to get my first SLR! Getting a new gadget is always such a good kick 😉

Well afterward there was more excitement to follow!

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Salzburg Trip

Salzburg, Austria is an amazing place to be. Here are some pics to prove the place’s worth!

Salzburg trip in a gist…

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My First Day In Germany

A quick look on lifestyle of people in Erlangen

Never in my life had I dreamt of the possibility of traveling in an Autobahn. Ever since I played NFS Porsche this has been a dream road for me to travel in! What is so lovable about this road – no speed limits! Of course certain sections of it do have limits, but it is still too good to drive around; especially if your local cabbie has a Mercedes Benz! That’s another thing to notice in Autobahn, every 3rd person is driving an Audi or custom made sports-bike!

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Germany – Here I Come!

An insight of my first visit to a foreign country – both exciting and nervy 🙂

When one of my friends spoke of it as HUGE, I thought how big it could really be! I did not get to see trains running inside yet, but going by the likes of it there’s little to doubt the veracity of this info! Frankfurt airport is definitely humongous; and any comparisons to the “dingy” Chennai “International” airport can only be considered as lunacy…

Yesterday in India (Chennai) and today in Germany – the contrast couldn’t be more striking! Though I haven’t come to hate anything about my hometown, my comparisons could easily be comprehended as likely loathe for sweet old Madras)

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