Of Birth And Death

Are we confining ourselves by tormenting our minds to always think about the most inevitable concept of any life?

Human beings are such strange little creatures. They are so very easily cheated by the twin phenomenon of birth and death. They laugh and celebrate birth, cry and despise death. They feel so very safe in their tiny little shelters which they call as their home.

And they try to live a journey in between the cunning twin siblings – a journey which they so affectionately coin as life; a life which they manage to clutter, with morals, values and relationships.

And they are so very confident that these set of moral rules will lead them to the immortal hand which has forged them. Ha! I really don’t think the so called god would have had the same thing in mind when these humans were pushed down from heaven or whichever higher altar it may be.

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An insight into life of an ant…

Eddie or better known as “Tough” Ed was one hell of a worker. Slogging for more than 18 hours a day-7 days a week is no mean task. He was one of the young workers in the buzzing socialist colony of Bouzo – a place where one could always find the “work–>earn–>work” rule in its full swing. Since he was a kid, Ed had never been trained in anything special apart from picking up the goods on his back delivering it at the store house and getting “peanuts” in return. It was, as his father had once told him, the only means of existence – to survive the caste driven policies of Bouzo. “You can never become anything other than a worker, as night can never become day” his father used to tell him.

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Pointless Ponderings

Thinking about very simplistic but an essential thought of life

The world is a dot. That’s right, you heard me. It is a dot. How big a dot? Well probably as big (or as small) as this one.

In all probability even smaller. There is no guessing how much.

When the world comes to a dot what are we? We are naught! Yup nothing more than nothingness, just a mere dot’s distance from fading away. Fading away into oblivion, waiting to be nothing more than anything and no more than nothing.

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The Road Less Taken

How many really have the courage to take the road less taken when given a chance?

So you are really planning to take that exam?” Raghu was almost distraught about his friend Ramanan’s decision.

Huh yeah. Now please don’t keep staring at me like that!” Ramanan was trying to recollect the last few chapters in the course which he had prepared in a lot of hurry.

Sure of course I won’t! Who am I just another servant for great people like you.” The sarcasm in Raghu’s voice was inescapable.

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Call it karma or fate some feelings turn out to be truly inevitable and gross realities as is in this story!

What is your problem with fire?” asked Shyam.

Nothing man, really!” Guna tried to lie to his friend.

Cut the crap, will you? Anyone could notice you were not so very comfortable during the festival.” said Shyam referring to the Bhogi which was a day back.

Okay. I’ll tell you, but promise me you won’t ever blurt it to anyone else. Will you?
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