Review: Iron Man 3 (2013)

When you see that a villain has managed to cause anxiety issues to the ever cool Iron Man, you can be certain that there is a lot more at play than that meets the eye.

In this third installment of Iron Man, we see Tony Stark and not the Iron Man battle out the villain. The question is can he take on the action and adrenalin all by himself without losing his cool.

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A Man’s Virginity

Truly men have their own definitions of virginity – no matter how rudimentary they’re!

You wait for this day for years on end; hoping it would bring with it, the sweetest moments of life; and then when it comes, you stop and think if it was all worth it. You start catching stars and dreams which go flying off your net.

Moments will pass, when your brain shall come to question its own logic; when you long for time to hold on for one more moment; and that’s when time chooses to disclose its true villainous nature.

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Man Is A Crazy Being…

A look into why any human can easily be classified as the craziest creature to walk on earth!

He sees the open vast lands
And is not satisfied with it
He splits himself into territories
And proclaims he’s a patriot!

He knows no god and yet
Wants to defend the unknown
Practicing strange beliefs, fighting
And sometimes killing the seen for the unseen!

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Coming To Age

Just read in case you’ve come to think you’re mature enough to handle the pressures of everyday life.

Just when you think you are mature enough to handle the pressures of life, some incidents decide to show up, making you rethink your confidence levels. You don’t have to go places to meet such events; just a visit to the friendly neighborhood EB office will do.

Well my mom used to take care of such trivialities of life when I was busy conquering lands or killing enemy soldiers in my PC. She decided she had had enough of me lazing around and sent me sprinting… probably not exactly, if you don’t consider traveling in a super fast Chennai auto as one!

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