2007 – A Personal Flashback

A look-back into the year 2007 as it was, from my personal point of view…

By another five-six hours, another year will bolt the door and a brand new one will open itself up. To be honest the past one year has been fantastic to me. For it has opened new and unexpected vistas in my otherwise lull life. Call it the New Year spirit or flashback or whatever; I am tempted to look back at two important events during the past one year of my life and write something here. So let me begin:

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Home Alone

A post written to appease all those whose best feelings are shared with their loneliness; perhaps in search of their better half!

When was the last time
You loved somebody?

When was the last time
Your thoughts defied morals?

When was the last time
You could feel that lonely abode?

These are not the ones that age
With each passing year.

These are nothing but moments
That shall live with you!

For the Quaint eye can be controlled,
But the fickle heart is seldom chained…”

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