Trip to Kerala

Here’s a travelogue of our recent trip to Kerala. Rather than turning out to be the relaxed vacation which I had in mind it turned to be hectic in every sense of the word!

In terms of weather conditions day two was a complete contrast to our first day. Gone was the lingering storm and my adjudged ‘typical’ Kerala weather. It seemed as if we had carried the hot, sunny and humid conditions of my hometown to Thrissur. Despite that we pressed on to Alappuzha.

Before we traveled in these hot conditions we had to check on our journey time and I volunteered to ask. I must admit that, despite the closeness of the dialect to my native language (Tamil), Malayalam is terrible! That showed when I goofed up in understanding “you’ll reach your destination by two o’ clock” to be “you’ll reach your destination in two hours“. What resulted was four hours of nightmare!

By the time we realized my blunder we had traveled across a couple of districts. The distance, coupled with the frustration of looking out at the sign boards of petty shops for three full hours (hoping to see Alleppey in their address) and the weather which was not really cut for a long (and unexpected travel), plus the hunger made this a truly ‘memorable’ ride 🙂

After a late lunch we were ready for seeing the famous backwaters. The boat ride of two hours was interrupted by intermittent outbursts from our kid. Probably he felt the heat and tiredness of the ride a wee bit late. But there were some truly beautiful sights during those couple of hours. The travel across small canals surrounded completely by greenery amidst the evening sunset is unimaginable anywhere else in India.

Things I’ll always remember Alleppey by – the wayside houses and small temples, the expectant faces of local fishermen, the huge house boats and the happy couples they housed, the dark and silent backwaters, the golden color of the farm reflecting the sunset, the silhouette of gigantic coconut trees against the fading day light and the amazing colors of the evening sky. I will positively say that some of the best pictures that I took during this five day trip was during this boat ride.

Well not all endings are that happy. Our ride back to Thrissur was around an hour longer than the one we took to reach Alappuzha. That was terribly frustrating considering the fact that we took two ‘Super Fast’ buses for the return journey!

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  1. Definitely was a refreshing and memorable trip. More to mention – our son’s first over night train journey – He seemed to like it and also adjusted a lot both with the space and also the food. Thanks to our little darling for adding on to our fun and excitement with his mystic words and his usual mischief 🙂

  2. Nice, you do have a way with words 🙂 I saw pics that Pavi sent & you guys sure had fun. All our team trips are still fresh in my mind. Would love to have more of those… 🙂

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