Trip to Kerala

Here’s a travelogue of our recent trip to Kerala. Rather than turning out to be the relaxed vacation which I had in mind it turned to be hectic in every sense of the word!

On day four
Weather turned sour!

Charmed to get something to rhyme in such a lengthy travelogue – but this is all I can muster. The day was the worst of the five in terms of humidity and relentless heat and yet it was on this very day that we covered the most number of places.

It was time for some local sight seeing and boy did we get to see lots! We went to the Peechi dam where we spent very little time thanks to the “No Photography” sign boards, yet strangely I recollect paying a fee for getting my camera inside! We went to Sakthan Thampuran palace which was not really palatial. In fact there are more palatial houses nearby this place. But reading the history of the ruler who once lived here one can understand why this place is so culturally significant in Thrissur’s history.

We had a great lunch after three days in a hotel at the heart of Thrissur. Afterwards we visited was Vilangankunnu which did not really offer that grand a view as I had imagined and although I hate to reecho my words – the climate was downright horrendous!

What we adults consider to be the nadir can be so easily become the zenith with kids around. Our kid really taught a lesson by letting us recollect how we used to enjoy the summer vacations. After watching him happily play for a long time we headed back into the city towards Thrissur zoo.

The zoo makes an interesting place to visit for it is probably one of the very few in the world where wild animals are found so near private residences. Just imagine the sight/ sound which the local folk get to experience everyday – waking up to watch the hippo being fed, having a tea whilst the deers run amok, catch an afternoon siesta with the crocs lazing a few hundred feet away and the roar of the lion and other wild cat to end their evenings 🙂

I would safely stay away from such a place which seemed to house everything in the animal kingdom! But that just shows the vastness of the zoo doesn’t it? Needless to say our kid had more fun time watching these animals and we had a good time watching him smile and run around!

My wife did some ‘minor’ shopping before we had a quick snack at the ICH; I am not sure what’s the big deal about the Indian Coffee House anyway! The tea they served was terrible and the dosa was not evenly cooked as well! Rants apart, we ended our day’s trip with a visit to the famous Vadakkumnatha temple.

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  1. Definitely was a refreshing and memorable trip. More to mention – our son’s first over night train journey – He seemed to like it and also adjusted a lot both with the space and also the food. Thanks to our little darling for adding on to our fun and excitement with his mystic words and his usual mischief 🙂

  2. Nice, you do have a way with words 🙂 I saw pics that Pavi sent & you guys sure had fun. All our team trips are still fresh in my mind. Would love to have more of those… 🙂

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