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Here’s a travelogue of our recent trip to Kerala. Rather than turning out to be the relaxed vacation which I had in mind it turned to be hectic in every sense of the word!

The last day of our tour was perhaps the most hectic, and should I say, nail-bitingly tight! We checked out from our hotel, deposited the baggage in their cloak room and went straight to the world famous Sree Krishna temple at Guruvayoor. We got our darshan after around an hour’s wait but it took more time to get Thulaabaram done for our kid thanks to the non-practice of ‘shift hours’ in the temple’s offices! It was sad to see so many small kids wailing and equally so to see the long faces of the parents. But that’s how it works in this big temple, so we just carried on waiting while the staff went out for a one hour lunch break 🙁

We then headed for lunch at a nearby hotel before proceeding towards Anakotta or Elephant Fort and we were stunned! Never did we imagine to see so many elephants in one spot. Yet here we were looking at the nearly fifty or more elephants and their mahouts who seemed to bother neither about the size of these giants nor their reluctance to obey orders!

I had a good time photographing as many tuskers as I could while my kid stared open-mouthed at what was happening around him. After expending more time than we could have cared to spend out there we were finally driven away by the incessant rains – yes the elephants weren’t the only ones having tantrums on this day!

After confusing our driver as to where we need to head to we chose Kallayikkunnu. After a long journey it was obvious that he had no clue to its whereabouts. We decided to turn back to play it safe. We had only two hours to catch our train.

I am blessed with a mercurial brain and a soft heart and this is a bad combination in time-crunching personal travels. Out of indulgence I requested the driver to head to Chavakkad beach. When we finally reached the place I realized it was a big mistake – no the beach wasn’t so bad, the time we would get to spend there was zilch!

Hardly five minutes later we started for Thrissur at breakneck speed. We had just around three fourth of an hour on the clock and around twenty kilometers of rough Kerala roads to navigate, not to mention the obstacles of road blocks and other rash drivers!

We got to our hotel (to collect our baggage) with just ten minutes to go and reached the station exactly when they announced the arrival of our train. We hurried up the stairs – heavy luggage, child and all and barged into the train before it started off! I am not dramatizing, it actually happened to be so close!

There ends our trip – hectic as I said initially but definitely unforgettable. If I am ever given a chance to talk to someone about Kerala (Thrissur in particular) I’ll have this blog handy; if I ever get a chance to reminisce these five days I have the thrill and joy of experiencing a different facet of “God’s Own Country” in my heart!

As always here are some pics from our wonderful trip.

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  1. Definitely was a refreshing and memorable trip. More to mention – our son’s first over night train journey – He seemed to like it and also adjusted a lot both with the space and also the food. Thanks to our little darling for adding on to our fun and excitement with his mystic words and his usual mischief 🙂

  2. Nice, you do have a way with words 🙂 I saw pics that Pavi sent & you guys sure had fun. All our team trips are still fresh in my mind. Would love to have more of those… 🙂

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