Trip to München

My trip to Munich and the famous castles near Füssen that got clubbed with a nostalgic trip down the memory lane!

We didn’t go inside the castle. I would probably keep it for some time in future. We started on our downward journey toward the Alpsee lake. I’d say this looked more close to a typical European lake scenery that I had in mind. The calmness of the water, the swan and ducks at one end, trees surrounding the circumference of the lake and of course the cloud covered Alps in distance – picture perfect!

We had plans of visiting another castle; unfortunately the late timing of our first journey didn’t help us in any way! We decided to visit the old city of Füssen and fortunately for me there was some kind of small event going on to remember medieval times! There was some kind of street drama being enacted with people wearing typical medieval costumes. Of course the small town in itself was beautiful to simply loiter around.

Back at home, we had lengthy and exciting discussion of what is the current ‘status’ of our college pals, who’s doing what and is put up where etc! With that the first day ended!

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