A Baby Is Born

Written on the day my son was born. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be near when he came into the world, but in a way I am with him…

Out of all gloom
Came the bright lil’ one;
His smile gentle
Our bundle of joy!

An eerie silence broken,
By early winds of March;
His cries rang
An unsung melody ’twas!

When mind seemed to wither away
Up sprang all happiness;
His thoughts mine
A pleasant new path shown!

Life seemed all lost
A happy thought came across;
His palms stretched
A bright new future dawned!

Dreary was each day
Until he stepped in;
His legs and hands kicked away
All lull, pain and loss!

With each step
Shall he rise,
All his obstacles overcome,
His will stronger every way!

A son is born
With blessings from above;
Life shall be just great,
For the little one born today!

My prayers shall rest with him
My life shall be drawn around him,
My thoughts are all but him,
In spirit I am with him!

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Author: Rajesh Narayanan

A small speck of dust in the ever expanding ether