A Log on Fire

This life of ours is like a log of wood burning in the star that is the true spirit of everyone

I stood by the ancient fire
One that the souls endure
Neither quelled, nor quenched
With a pang, my heart wrenched.

Started with a benign fondle
Sparked by a Love so pure
Oh ye mother, who stayed strong
How could your ember go so wrong?

Fanned by an unending glory
Glows my sparkling story
Look at me, I am eternal fame
Or am I only a smoulder in vain?

Engulfed I am, by a sudden desire
Shining, simmering cauldron on fire
All I long, is your one glance
Yet my flames squander the chance?

Scarred and stuttering I almost halt
Spewing away myself, I care not
I smell ashes, this life is spent
I see smoke, is this my end?

I stood by the ancient fire
One that the souls endure
A book with endless chapters
An eternal spirit, burning in the stars.


Author: Rajesh Narayanan

A small speck of dust in the ever expanding ether

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