A Rag Picker’s Tale

A look into what/ how cold the human mindset could become w.r.t. fellow beings/ nature!

In a world without companionship, hope does fade fast and it’s no wonder that it did so for him. He had the kind of calm sensation that he had never felt in ages. While the storm bellowed again outside, his mind began to calm down as if it had no more work to do. His heart felt at ease considering he needn’t support his ‘unworthy’ body anymore. He slowly slipped away into the kind hands of death.

The next day saw the usual hubbub of finding a dead man in the street pavement. A few empathized and a few walked away. By afternoon the panchayat decided to quickly burn the now stinking corpse.

Poor fellow. So where is all this sand storm coming from?” asked the wife.
How many times should I ask you not to disturb me while I drive” said her husband as he maneuvered his ‘macro’ down the crowded village traffic. Even cutting down all trees to help build a six lane road hadn’t solved the traffic problems in the village.

The streets were overcrowded as usual. It was another busy day at the market. A few people were watching the LCD TV in a showroom.

Here they go again…” grumbled one middle-aged man. “All that ‘Go-Green’ mumbo-jumbo…

A few others laughed.

Amidst the smirks of disbelieving onlookers a newsreader was reading monotonously from the retailer shop television “…environmentalists continue to warn about the dangers of an impending global warming…

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Author: Rajesh Narayanan

A small speck of dust in the ever expanding ether

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