A Song for the Unknown Child

Something written impromptu; maybe I hear too many unheard cries of late? This is written for those kids whose childhood has been cut short – perhaps by war, calamity or acts of terror.

They were not meant to be headline news in negative sense. Maybe if we were tolerant enough, we might have seen another flower bloom

I was born in someone’s womb,
Cherished, nourished and nurtured.
I have been in the shop of candy
Built a castle on the sea shore.

I loved the rocking horse,
Also the carousel at fun fair.
I’ve founded many realms, in play;
Lost countless hours in peekaboo.

Alas my friends now lay scattered
Maybe I’ll see them no more.
My kingdom of heaven is lost too
Buried in cobweb memories.

I hardly care for carousels,
My life’s gone for a spin.
The rocking horse surely exists
Under the shattered roofs of home.

Castles are meant to be broken
But what about my little dreams?
I can no longer savour candy
After tasting my own blood.

I care for one more cuddle
I cannot see my mom
I am not a count, neither a statistic
I was born in someone’s womb, you know?!

Author: Rajesh Narayanan

A small speck of dust in the ever expanding ether

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