Work Life – Is it Really Balanced?

For those who give two pence to their personal life – Me included too 🙁

There was once this sailor who was shipwrecked and going the way of the wind on a small boat when he suddenly saw the broken pieces of his ship.

First there was a torn piece of cloth from the sail. He felt he should carry this – after all wasn’t he connected to the ship even after its demise?

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In Nature’s Safe Hands

A partly imaginary story that was triggered by the tragedy that cost thousands of lives…

Based on a story I heard:

It was not just the earth that had shaken, so had Stephen’s confidence with life as he had known it. It was probably nothing more than just a minor tremor, but how much had it impacted him! Thoughts were running about his wife and three kids.

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The One Rupee Coin

Below is my entry for a “Scribble” competition. I’ve never written under so many restrictions (1 hour; 250 words; 3 topics).

I wrote this in around 20 minutes and ran away from that place. I didn’t fancy a third place!

What’s the value of one rupee? Some lose/ gain a coin; for some its even more.

I was born poor, grew in tough circumstances and seen poverty in and out. My dad, a poor farmer, died in starvation – unable to pay up a few hundred rupees a month!

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My 55 Word Story

A challenge for a 55 word story. Here it is…

My first attempt at this 55 word thingie. “Got contaminated” over here. This one’s supposed to be on the topic ‘Reigning Man’:

He looked at the gun pointed at him and knew he had screwed up. His negotiating skills had taken him far, but not far enough. He looked at his would-be killer one more time. You lose… screamed the killer… then BANG!

Reigning Statesman found dead in front of his dresser! Suicide confirmed! screamed the headlines.

The Show Must Go On

A special day in the life of one man…

Are you ready?“

Yes pa; Ram and Roja are dressing up.“

What about Ranjith?“

I don’t know where he is pa; Kutti Mani said he saw him near Parvathy.“

What is that stupid fellow upto anyways? The show is about to start in another 20 minutes.“

There was nothing to guess here. Kuttappan was certainly tensed. Never in his life had he been so nervous before, not even when he began his career 25 years ago. He was just 22 then. But that was because he was good at it. He didn’t have to keep pestering his dad to teach the secrets of the trade for more than three months; he was a good student.

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Circle of Life

There is a circle in all walks of life; you beget what you get and vice versa 😉

“Why on earth, Manager’s should be so cold hearted!” Suraj was furious.

“Hey calm down man; it happens to everyone when working under Mahesh. Even Guna had trouble with him remember; he’s a tough boss man! And recall the way in which Guna used to work! Man, he was a workaholic and systematic too. And if he can make mistakes, believe me, you deserve to make yours too!” Ramamoorthy (a) Ram winked at Suraj.

‘Is he trying to convince me or bring me down further?’ Suraj stared at his project mate.

“Let’s go to the canteen man. Just chill ok!” Ram was already walking toward the door.

“Yeah sure mate! Guess I need a break too. This code is never gonna be finished by EOD either. Might as well satisfy my tummy.” Suraj wanted to find some reason to desperately get away from his work (and his Manager too).

“But I’ll tell this again, Managers need to be more empathetic. They should have some human levels of satisfaction at what we do. At the least they could be less vehement” Suraj’s voice trailed away…

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For the Love of the Game

Is fanaticism really good for the spirit of any game?

Come on Shiela, our son’s playing!“ Kumar was ecstatic jumping with joy watching the idiot box in their new flat.

The Kumar’s had just moved to the locality; shifting to a comfortable three bedroom apartment, a great relief from the dark and dingy single bedroom flat where they had lived for twenty long years! All thanks to their son Vijay!

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All for Love

A story of love between a father’s love for his son, a daughter’s longing for her mom and how some “insignificant” and unnoticed ties are made…

You know what I would do if I…“ he didn’t complete the sentence; his son cut in as usual.

I know what you would have done and I know what to do. Please spare the play acting and let me get on with my life.“

His retort left the old man staggering. But he knew his son needed him.

I can understand your anger. You know when I was your age I was in a similar…“

Do I have to tell you again and again? Have you no sense? Or do you think I am unfit to live on my own? I have the right to privacy. Please stop giving me discourses.“

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Yellings of an Anguished Mind

A story of anguish and anger burning oneself from within!

Please drive slowly will you? Can’t you see our child is crying!

Sheila’s plea went unheard as Rocky stepped on the accelerator.

You are the one who told me we’d have a holiday at that god forbidden house. Why do you want to spoil it? Why are you doing this to me?” she cried.

Because I love to see you cry.” And he followed this with a menacing laugh.

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A Vulture’s Dairy

A tale of one vulture and his attitude of giving constant demeaning remarks against us humans…

Day 1
Hi there… I am Jack the vulture. My nest is way over there, beyond those mountains. I can see it from here, but am not so sure if you will be able to! I’ve been living in this arid desert since I was born.

You see those dunes moving beneath us. Yeah! Well I’ve seen them do the same for ever. Damn sands, they never get tired do they? Keep shifting from one place to another troubling everyone. But I don’t want to curse the desert, because it has fed me to what I am.

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