A poem that talks of things binding us to things physical/ mental

What do you do when
You are devoid of nothing
And seeking solace in incidents
That shall never repeat again?
In a history that never happened?

What kind of a person
Sleeps on an ignited mind
Tending to fold wings
That strive to stretch beyond reason?
Who’s un-free to free self?

What will stop those
Who leap on unsafe waters
Just to see a shore than to
Spend an eternity treading paths
That won’t even exist to shallow eyes?

What is that strange relationship
That ties money and men in shackles,
Hounding them for eternity
In peripheries of deceitful happiness?
For neither rests in other’s shadow!

What’s time – but just a parameter
Of the subconscious mind;
A paranoia of monstrous proportions
A way of concealing our mortal nature
A clothing for our imperfections!

Pity those who can’t think,
Admire those who ponder over nothings,
Ignore the path that leads to safe haven;
Liberate your mind of all physical bonds,
For once, try to be what you are – a free soul!

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Author: Rajesh Narayanan

A small speck of dust in the ever expanding ether