Call it karma or fate some feelings turn out to be truly inevitable and gross realities as is in this story!

It was some months later, when tragedy stuck. Guna was hit by a speeding car. It was Shyam who admitted him in the nearby private hospital. Guna’s parents were shocked, to say the least. It took Shyam a long time to convince them that nothing will happen to Guna. The doctor had visited Guna the previous night and said that the damage was serious but he still had an outside chance. He had given the name of some part of the brain which was supposed to have suffered the most. The name made no sense to him, but the word Coma did.

He could not believe that all this was happening. ‘Just you come out of this. God just help him through this‘ he prayed. What else was there to be done? He didn’t know whom to question. He was losing faith. He prayed to god, but one part of him was saying to him that there was no god. He wanted to kill the stupid person who did this to his friend. But he was left with no other choice other than to just hope and pray.

Death took its own time coming. The task of conveying the news to Guna’s parents was left with Shyam. They were willing to spend every paisa they had earned to bring back their child alive. Shyam couldn’t utter a word.

You were so wrong Guna!’ was all he could think of.

A day after the funeral Guna’s father knocked at Shyam’s place. He said he had the asthi [1] and thought it would be appropriate if his son’s best friend was also there with him to see off the last mortal remains.

1.  Ashes

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Author: Rajesh Narayanan

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