One Last Wave

We cling on to everything we hold dear; addicted to our materials – even when knowing, within, that we are just a fleeting moment in the passage of time. Nature shows everyday how it all works; that everything is bound to pass away. Yet even when walking the last line of life it is the human nature to observe and yet not realize. We are left asking just a little bit more.

I stood by the shore,

Wide eyed – in rapt attention;

It was a scene straight from a dream

As I saw the water rise and fall.


A few funny objects would pass by

A torn cloth here and a broken stick there;

A few shells would emerge out of nowhere

Beautiful imperfections – like random thoughts!


There were cheerful noises around

Sounds of children and adults alike;

Few tears that were shed

The hand of god would wipe them away.


Little puddles by my feet

Played a silly peekaboo game;

It was softer than I imagined

The sand that sucked me in.


The game was played in earnest.

I clung on when the water swept me away

And wanted to be swarmed by it when it let go

A moment – my friend and in the next my foe!


Alas! This day too shall pass.

The crowd dwindled, nature lingered;

It was time to leave, but I could not let go

Just one last wave please…

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Author: Rajesh Narayanan

A small speck of dust in the ever expanding ether