Real (E)State

A story whose prime purpose is to highlight the kind of a situation current middle-upper middle class are facing in India. This is just a presentation of “current” trend in Indian real estate market.

<A month later>

It’s rather late now, I’d say” said a somber looking Vinodh. “That area was sold out two days after I spoke to you. I am not dealing with too much land now; not even flats. We’re into this shopping complex business now. Things move fast these days!

Laxman felt defeated. ‘All this trouble and nothing in the end‘ he mumbled to himself.

But I’ve a friend who could help you. In fact he’s more than a friend; he works for us” Vinodh smiled.

Laxman couldn’t believe his ears. ‘Now why didn’t he say that before? Hmm probably, it’s more of a ‘backend’ business. What the heck does that matter to me anyway!

Could you give me his contact?

I can, but you’ve got to keep me informed; not that I don’t know what’s happening, of course! Still you can’t trust anyone these days you know.” Vinodh laughed.

Some friend‘ Laxman thought.

Sure. I’ll do that for you.

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Author: Rajesh Narayanan

A small speck of dust in the ever expanding ether