Road to Freedom

That day when we rid ourselves of corruption and greed; that moment when we fight, not among each other but FOR; that fleeting passage of time when we realize WE matter, then we can call ourselves FREE. Till then let us tread the hard path!

Long ago, when the world was chaotic, at a time, when no one knew the meaning of peace, when everything was gloomy, God decided to create a fine feathery creature; perhaps the last ray of light to rid the world of it’s dark times!

God then told the world this was one of the finest creations; that it was meant to change the world! When everyone came to know of this they thronged to see what special power this tiny creation of God can hold and realized soon that it had none at all. Surely it would perish in a world that was not meant for those with a tender heart.

They left and continued fighting, to – conquer, destroy and, well, simply fight. Not many bothered as to what the tiny one was up to. And those few who did, either scorned or mocked. They knew they had nothing to fear of this new creature; that they could squeeze and destroy it any day.

This special little one felt out of place in the world. Despite knowing, that, hidden within was something really special, it still felt overpowered – by even mundane things.

It was blinded, for the sunlight was too bright; it could not walk for the winds were simply too strong; it felt cold in a dark world; it was subdued by the joke that it had come to be! The ways of those in power were too cruel and it decided it could bear no more.

So one day, the special one jumped off a cliff. The rest of the world watched and realized this was going to be the end of god’s finest. We had to do nothing; it was set to destroy itself they thought.

The wind was heavy as always and the sun was shining as on any bright sunny day. And then it happened.

By destiny or by will,

By force or from within,

The little one realized

It wanted to live.

And just when it was about to hit hard ground, it decided to spread its wings.

Feathers that were considered tender

Fought the icy winds

And it was a sight to behold,

Seeing an unknown force unfold!

That which was considered inconsequential, taught the world true power! It was not to kill and conquer that we were sent here, but rather to realize our true potential! Inside the frail looking body lay a strong heart that sought not to destroy but rather create; and that’s all that mattered, that was the balance, the world so desperately needed.

As it flew towards the sun that once kept it in shackles, the other creatures watched in wonder and forgot, what it was to fight. They had tasted liberation. The time had come!

No one realized the power of the tender feathers until the spirit that held it decided to fight. It was not just a fight for survival but the hard earned road to real freedom!

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Author: Rajesh Narayanan

A small speck of dust in the ever expanding ether