The Butterfly Effect

Sentiments apart, what would god think as a great gesture moving us closer to the higher altar? A poem touching the greater philosophy of life

The beautiful butterfly
Faltered and fell
Its wings broken
Drifting away…

And god sat there
In the silver throne
Wondering if it was true
The greatest creation was flailing away…

No one came forward
To pick the twitching insect
Perhaps it was just an unimportant piece
In a puzzle they couldn’t decipher…

Then god saw or perhaps realized?
Someone was moving closer
To the wounded creature;
With steps echoing a love so pure!


He knew it was ill luck
A bad omen to begin
The day with;
The statue of his god lay broke…

With trembling hands
And saddened heart
He cried to the lord
To forgive his insolence accidental!


God stood troubled
A realization dawned to the immortal
Even Gods can make mistakes
Perhaps on a larger scale!

Whilst god’s art rotted in mud
The shattered mud art was picked with care!
The human walked away, not sensing
God was only just that one feeling away!

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Author: Rajesh Narayanan

A small speck of dust in the ever expanding ether