The Flower

Is nature simply a reflection of the thoughts in our mind? Then how is it possible that two people look at the same object and yet come up with views so differently? Something that I tried to translate when watching a blooming flower

From the barren land
Will rise a Kingdom
Where this story shall be told.

A small fortress of green
Shall sprout from nowhere
Holding a spirit divine.

Soldiers will guard
What is rightfully theirs
Ready to spite those who dare.

The gods will bless
From behind the clouds
The one for whom the scene is set.

And she awakens
Opening my heart
Ridding all the gloom.

As she blooms
I sink further
Lost in her eternal smile.

Mortals will long
Yearning for a brush
To know how heaven feels.

Beautiful in every sense
A mesmerizing innocence
She’s an angel in disguise.

Alas she shall leave
Her childhood home
Leaving everyone forlorn.

Her final destination
Is the bosom of the Lord
The one she was born to adorn.

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Author: Rajesh Narayanan

A small speck of dust in the ever expanding ether