The Great King

Even the greatest person will have his/ her moments of defeat!

There was once this king,
Who ruled the whole world;
Every stone pebble was his,
And so were all the grains of sand.

Not satisfied with what he got,
He decided to pray to the lord;
To make him ruler of other worlds,
To make him master of the lands beyond.

He forgot his kingdom,
And prayed to the lord divine;
Certain that the lord cannot keep him waiting,
He the one who rules the whole world.

Months became years,
And years decades;
Revealing to the ancient king,
That he was not so powerful after all.

He couldn’t tolerate his first defeat,
And decided to turn back to his lands;
He was ashamed and angry and decided,
The lord he prayed was not worth meeting.

When he returned to his kingdom he was shocked,
To see it shattered and torn by wars;
The kingdom that was made of gold,
Was stricken with disease and hunger.

When he claimed he was their king,
He was laughed and mocked at;
Not a single soul recognized him,
Him the greatest king of them all.

There was once this king,
Who ruled the whole world;
What was the use of ruling lands,
When he couldn’t rule his own Fate?

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Author: Rajesh Narayanan

A small speck of dust in the ever expanding ether