The One Rupee Coin

Below is my entry for a “Scribble” competition. I’ve never written under so many restrictions (1 hour; 250 words; 3 topics).

I wrote this in around 20 minutes and ran away from that place. I didn’t fancy a third place!

What’s the value of one rupee? Some lose/ gain a coin; for some its even more.

I was born poor, grew in tough circumstances and seen poverty in and out. My dad, a poor farmer, died in starvation – unable to pay up a few hundred rupees a month!

If only we have one rupee more!” he used to exclaim.

What could you gain with that?” I used to ask him.

MAGIC, my son!” he would proclaim.

I’ll buy seeds for a rupee grow them to giant trees, sell their flowers and fruits; watch them spread those seeds into even more money churning trees; settle all debts; buy you and your sisters new clothes; my business would grow and we’ll buy a house bigger than any other in this village; and when my time comes, I’d rest under the shadows of those green giants and dream all over again!

This was the way I’d grown; this is what life thought me – the value if a rupee. And on that fateful day when I saw the guy toss a rupee coin into the river, I couldn’t restrain myself. I tried to argue with him to get it back, but he wouldn’t listen! And so I did what I had to, push him from the moving train into the river to fetch it back

The “murderer” had spoken. It is time for justice to be provided – for a One Rupee Coin!

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Author: Rajesh Narayanan

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