The Taste of True Faith

A story where one kid’s sacrifice means another’s gain in this world. I hope, by reading this, some kind of balance is seen about the way the world works!

It was probably only twenty minutes since they queued up, but to Ivan it seemed like an eternity. He kept leaping up and down trying to take stock of the remaining quantity of banana’s in the fruit seller’s basket, while simultaneously tugging Darya’s coat. When there were only around ten people in front, Darya realised that her son was most likely going to be disappointed.

It was evident that Ivan had not realised this until they were right next to the fruit seller. The moment he anxiously peeked into the fruit box he realised it was all gone.

The seller shrugged his shoulders apologetically and started packing his small shop. The crowd behind them drifted away, like smoke after fire.

Ivan tried looking into Darya’s eyes with a plea written all over his face. She could only look away. She held Ivan’s hand and slowly started walking towards the bus stop. Maybe they need not miss the bus after all!

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Author: Rajesh Narayanan

A small speck of dust in the ever expanding ether