The Taste of True Faith

A story where one kid’s sacrifice means another’s gain in this world. I hope, by reading this, some kind of balance is seen about the way the world works!

Sukhwinder was in his early twenties but already looked tall and muscular for his age. He gazed into the eyes of the tired looking men.

He pointed his finger toward Kwanza and beckoned him forward. Kwanza felt timid in front of the brawny youngster. He slowly moved closer.

Sukhwinder put an arm around Kwanza and slowly turned around.

Which one?“ he asked in a commanding voice.

No no…“ said the timid looking boy backing away quickly. He had not anticipated this.

No money. We – no money“ he stammered.

No money? Let us make it a lottery then!“ Sukhwinder smiled back and casually flung the pole from one arm to another before suddenly turning around and tossing it. The hook grabbed on to the bunch of bananas from the top shelf of the fruit display.

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Author: Rajesh Narayanan

A small speck of dust in the ever expanding ether